Privacy Policy

Policy Overview

Our philsophy is to do everything in our power to respect your privacy. This blog is powered by open source software (Ghost) that we host on our own servers. We took extra care to strip any requests to third party services out of the blog's code, disabled monetization features, and self-hosted any required scripts.

What personal information we collect and when and why we use it

Personal information

If you subscribe to the email list, Take Back Our Tech ( will store a name and a email address. A subscription is not necessary to read any of our content, it is used only to send you emails on new publications. We don't require real names or emails.


This site uses an open-source privacy-focused analytics solution (Ackee). We run the solution on our own servers, and it does not gather IP addresses or other personally identifiable information. We use it to get general statistics on page views.

We don't collect cookies!

Logging policy

Our traffic logs do not collect any DNS Requests, IP addresses, user-agents, or anything that would identify our users.

Email Handling

We do use a third party to operate our email service (Mailgun), which surpasses GDPR privacy requirements. You may refer to their privacy policy here. If privacy is your utmost concern, we recommend you use an email not tied to your identity.