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Take Back Our Tech
Take Back Our Tech

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In March of 2023, we launched the Reject Surveillance, Champion Friendly Technology Pledge.

The Mission

Prevent the spread of surveillance devices into homes, community centers, and the world at large, and spread awareness of the dangers so individuals can make informed choices when it comes to their technology.

Achieving The Mission

We will prepare easy to understand materials on surveillance, this includes flyers, handouts, and stickers. These will be promoted through our networks and on social media, we will hear about people's experiences and their actions through the official website.

The #TBOT Task Force will meet twice a month to work together on researching important surveillance issues (such as those outlined in the original pledge), developing easy to understand language, designing promotional material, and researching actual solutions for alternatives.

If you are a technologist, writer, designer, developer, or videographer - we invite you to join the Task Force today!

Take Back Our Tech

Lets use technology that doesn't use us.