2023 Reject Surveillance, Champion Friendly Technology Pledge

Abusive surveillance technology is reaching heights we could not have imagined. World governments are racing against each other to implement surveillance strategies in order to "combat crime" at the cost of our privacy and freedom.

There is no one we can count on to slow down the progress of the surveillance state except ourselves. Only we can opt-out, reject, and otherwise reclaim our privacy, even if it comes at the cost of some convienience.

The Mission

Prevent the spread of surveillance devices into homes, community centers, and the world at large, and spread awareness of the dangers so individuals can make informed choices when it comes to their technology.  

Achieving The Mission

We will prepare easy to understand materials on surveillance, this includes flyers, handouts, and stickers. These will be promoted through our networks, on social media, and in the real world. We will hear about people's experiences and their actions through the official website. We will carry out the pledge, throwing out surveillance devices and transforming our use.

Join The Task Force

If you'd like to be part of the creative team that publishes this materials, please click the link above to apply.


  • Get rid of 10,000 camera surveillance devices in 2023
  • Get rid of 10,000 smart-home listening devices in 2023
  • Transition 5,000 users to degoogled phones
  • Transition 5,000 users to Linux laptops
  • Develop & educate others on an self-contained open-source security camera solution

Make the pledge now:

If we do not, we may have a future that resemble's China's surveillance program.

  1. ~1B people are forced to use facial recognition to get internet or mobile data
  2. Health QR Codes are required to travel (planes, trains), access public spaces, and restaurants - and are used to block protests & demonstration
  3. 500M+ CCTV cameras with facial recognition deployed in common areas
  4. WiFi sniffers & IMSI catchers track phones and attempt to scrape apps
  5. DNA, Iris scan samples, voice prints collected on large scale (25 out of 31 provinces in China have databases)
  6. Government actively seeks to centralize and create a comprehensive profile for each citizen
  7. Certain neighborhoods in China require you to scan your face to gain entry

The 2023 Take Back Our Tech pledge offers guidelines for individuals who want to fight for their right to privacy and stop the spread of the surveillance state. The guidelines are broken down into two sections, the rejection of surveillance technology, and the adoption/transition into free & friendly technology.

Its important to note that these things do not happen overnight. You do not have to start immediately, it will take time to prepare yourself with alternatives to these services. I will be doing deep research each one of these larger topics and providing alternatives for people to follow, making their own informed decisions.

Reject Surveillance Technology

I will share my thoughts with my neighbors & community.

  • The network effect (many people acting together) is a critical part of resisting the surveillance state. Its not only your own house you have to worry about but others as well.

I will not comply with facial recognition, digital surveillance or support companies & organizations that use it.

I will rid my home of surveillance technology.

  • Throw out 'smart home' devices and voice assistants. There are exchange / return programs.
  • Get rid of Ring doorbells and lights
  • Be aware of Smart TVs & Devices, get rid of them if possible.

I will minimize use of big tech and telecom.

  • Minimize your use of big tech platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok. Make contacts with close friends & acquaintences outside the platform with the intention of deleting your account entirely.
  • Telecommunications providers are obligated to hand over our communications to law enforcement, government, and secret programs. Minimize conversation over the phone, use phone calls and text messages to setup more private exchanges.

I will reject CBDCs & will not KYC

  • Become independent from CBDCs and digital money, build relationships with local suppliers. Use cash, gold, cryptocurrency, or produce goods to barter.
  • If using cryptocurrency, do not use centralized exchanges that require KYC (Know Your Customer)
CBDC Status Map

Champion Friendly Technology

I will decentralize & encrypt my communications.  

  • Do not rely on a single big tech account for your emails & accounts
  • Use protocols over big tech solutions. XMPP, Nostr, Simplex Chat  

I will own my data.

  • Do not rely on a cloud service to store all of your photos, videos, files, and books
  • Get your data saved onto a local computer, purchase an external hard drive if needed

I will use private currency & exchange

  • Use cash, barter - build local relationships with producers and produce yourself
  • If using cryptocurrency, use anonymous / trace resistance crypto like Monero

I will free my phone and computer with transparent tech.

  • Get a privacy phone that makes no big tech connections, GrapheneOS is recommended for a self-install, Above Phone for those who want to purchase.  
  • Convert your existing machine to a Linux based operating system (instructions here)

Are you ready to join the pledge?