Internet Shutdowns In Pakistan After An Attempt To Overthrow The Government

Take Back Our Tech
Take Back Our Tech

Did you catch the first episode of the #TBOT podcast yesterday? Check it out, because we're getting a preview of how governments react during mass civil unrest, including how they shut down the internet. Scroll down to watch the video.

Also, you may know about the massive monsoon that created what appears to be an ocean on a large swath of the country.

An image of Sindh province, taken on August 28

Please donate to the Edhi foundation which is an independent welfare organization that is providing rescue, food, and essentials to the 33M Pakistanis that were displaced by the floods.

Flood Relief Campaign – Edhi Donation
The damage and destruction toll in from more than six weeks of torrential monsoon rains and flash flooding across Pakistan is mounting, with 434 people have lost their lives, 605 are severely injured, 29,067 plus houses are submerged in water, nearly 24,420 livestock have perished while countless di…

In the very first episode of #Take Back Our Tech, Ramiro discusses Pakistan's ex-Prime Minister's efforts to overthrow it's current government. Learn how the government will respond during massive social unrest and how internet censorship works technically.

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