Where To Get A Linux Ready Machine

In this article we'll share the models of machines that run Linux well, these machines have all been ...

Take Back Our Tech
Take Back Our Tech

New users to Linux may be concerned with how well their laptops and desktops are supported - or they may not have an old PC laying around. For these users we recommend looking at machines that are renowned for running well with Linux, or are even designed for it.

In this article we'll share the models of machines that run Linux well, these machines have all been Ubuntu certified, and since the OS' we recommend are all based off of Ubuntu, everything should run out of the box.

Our Recommendations

  • If you're using a computer you already have, check if it exists on the Ubuntu certified list or the Linux on Laptops reports.
  • Go for a slightly older model, this gives the Linux community enough time to patch bugs on newer hardware
  • If you want affordability, buy a refurbished or pre-owned laptop on a reselling site like Ebay. Your new laptop could only be a few hundred dollars only. Here's a buying guide for the Lenovo T-series.
  • If you have more money to spend, you can get a laptop pre-designed pre-installed with Linux. We have included some vendors below.


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  • The X, T, and W lines are recommended, the older years have better build quality.
  • Thinkpad T480
  • Thinkpad T495
  • Thinkpad P51
  • Thinkpad X220
  • Thinkpad X440
  • Thinkpad T14 (newer)


  • Dell XPS 13"
  • Dell XPS 15"

Linux Laptop Vendors

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Even More Vendors

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For those out there that are looking for laptops, we hope this points you in the right direction in finding the laptop that is at the perfect price, performance, and just works for you!


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