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OS: Leap To Linux

In the very first TBOT learning module, we introduce why we should switch to free & open source operating systems, what supplies we'll need, and explain how to install GNU/Linux based operating systems on our computers.

Why You Should Leap To Linux

Where To Get a Linux Ready Machine

Installing Linux From Scratch

OS: First Steps In Linux

In the follow-up OS learning module, we get comfortable with basic Linux skills, explore the features of 3 operating systems, and install an awesome set of programs.

First Steps In Linux: User Accounts, Filesystem, and Using The Terminal

Where To Find Programs & Applications

Installing Programs on Linux From Decentralized Sources

Intro & Feature Tour: Pop!_OS

Intro & Feature Tour: Feature Tour: KDE Neon

Intro & Feature Tour: Feature Tour: Linux Mint

The Open Source Survival Toolkit


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